Olympics In Russia

Yeah, I know that the next Olympic Games will take place in China (you must have been living under a rock for the last few months if you’ve missed that fact!), but then you’re probably not here for sports news anyway, are you? Thought so… then let’s continue with the Moscow Olympics!

The band with this unusual name doesn’t even come from Russia, nor from China for that matter. The five-piece was born in 2006 in the Philippines, and has since then been creating the finest dream-pop/shoegazing/twee-pop sounds I’ve heard in a long time. In 2007, a 7inch-single Still was released, and just a few weeks ago, the debut 7-track CD Cut The World saw the light of day under the wings of Swedish label Lavender Recordings.

The lush and dreamy songs of Moscow Olympics perfectly fits the roster of Lavender (Fireflies, Days, Afraid Of Stairs…). There are definitely influences of Scandinavian music here, and the band must have been listening to lots of Sarah Records‘ bands as well. Perfect pop this is, and in a perfect world, Moscow Olympics would be huge!

I’m not too sure how “official” the links two the two songs below are, but it would be a real shame if you’d miss this band! And I hope that once you’ve listened to the songs, you’ll do the same as me and head to either Lavender or Fraction Records and order Moscow Olympics‘ wonderful music! They really deserve it!!!

Moscow Olympics @ Lavender
Moscow Olympics @ Fraction
(more international shop links on the band’s MySpace)

Moscow Olympics – Cut The World (MP3, via The Finest Kiss)
Moscow Olympics – Still (MP3, via Mondo NYC)


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