More Sunny Feelings

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Jeff Boller via MySpace. He introduced me to his project The Simple Carnival and was so generous to send me his Me And My Arrow-EP. And similar to the recently reviewed This Is Ivy League (read here), the four songs on the EP stir up some Beach Boys-feelings!

Jeff Boller has been making music for quite a few years now, and Me And My Arrow is his third official release as The Simple Carnival. A full album – Girls Aliens Food – is scheduled for an October release (and is already available for pre-order on the official homepage!).

Me And My Arrow is a short and sweet, sunny afternoon stroll through the musical mind of Boller. The four tracks are all instantly loveable, from the breezy Caitlin’s On The Beach to lightfooted Harry Nilsson-cover Me And My Arrow. And Really Really Weird isn’t really that weird… at least not as a song. The video on the other hand… well, decide for yourself by watching it below! 🙂 Btw.: the video was made by Jeff Boller himself, as he states with “$7.25 in office supplies and two weeks of free time”. I think it turned out quite good!

All of The Simple Carnival‘s music can be purchased on the official homepage, and some of it is also available on iTunes and the likes. Now go ahead, check out this fine sounds and let some more summer into your hearts!

The Simple Carnival – Caitlin’s On The Beach (MP3)

Really Really Weird video:

btw.: if you’re interested in the everyday life of a musician, I recommend Jeff‘s blog Songs And Sonics!


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