It’s Raining Stars

Let’s start the week with a Britpop-influenced French band. My Raining Stars centers around Thierry Haliniak who wrote and recorded the songs for debut album From St. Saviour To Quickwell on an old four-track recorder first. With the help of E-Grand and Mathea (whoever that might be…), the songs were then spruced up to well-produced and up-to-standard indie-pop-tunes.

While the album might not be a groundbreaking new experience, it surely does make a welcoming change to all the much-hyped, but rather disappointing stuff that one can find in the papers these days. Fans of classic Britpop-sounds with a soft spot for Scandinavian pop should definitely find some pleasure in My Raining Stars. I myself spent some time with the album during my last holiday and enjoyed it, and I guess it will remain in my news folder for a few weeks more.

From St. Saviour To Quickwell is available now. Just give Thierry a shout on MySpace (or let me know in the comments if you’re one of the few people that don’t have a MySpace-account! 🙂 )!

My Raining Stars – All This Time (MP3)
My Raining Stars – Better Days (MP3)


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