More Catching Up…

Sweden’s Universal Poplab offer the second single from their new album Seeds for free. Get it right here:

Universal Poplab – On The Run (MP3)

I’ve mentioned Your Vegas‘ perfect pop-debut yesterday, and I will recommend another perfect summer-pop-album today: the Delays‘ third offering, Everything’s The Rush, is pure pop bliss! Whilst their last album, You See Colours, was just a bit too synthie-ladden, the band has returned to a more song-orientated sound; you could say Everything’s The Rush is a perfect blend between the debut, Faded Seaside Glamour, and album 2. Whatever you call it, if you’re looking for great British indie-pop, don’t look any further than the Delays!

The new Death Cab For Cutie album, Narrow Stairs, is growing slowly. It is definitely not as immediately catchy as Plans, but so far, I can say that it turned out quite ok. Check the HypeMachine for some songs (I highly recommend Long Division, Cath… and No Sunlight!)

Our Spanish friend J.A. has also been busy during my absence, and has recommended a ton of new bands to check out. I will add some of them here during the next few days. Let’s start with Brooklyn’s indie-poppers The Metric Mile. Wonderful pop-melodies that might have been on holiday in Sweden. Check their MySpace, and listen to the free songs here:

The Metric Mile – Amateurs (MP3)
The Metric Mile – Trees And Flowers (MP3)
The Metric Mile – Codebreaking (MP3)
The Metric Mile – Any Open Window (MP3)
The Metric Mile – Isn’t Almost So Much Better (MP3)

Leeds-based band Four Day Hombre, who scored a classic Brit-pop-song with First Word Is The Hardest a few years back, has decided to start things anew. That means a new album is on the way, a new tour, and even a new name! The band is now called Hope & Social, and to get the word around, they are offering their first new song for free. Get it right here, and spread it if you like it… I know I do!

Hope & Social – Daylight Came (MP3)


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