Back Again…

The diving cruise on the Red Sea is already history; once again, I encountered lots of fascinating underwater creatures. Pics might follow later…

Of course I’m nowhere near finishing a proper post with new music, so this mix here will have to do for the moment!

The Your Vegas debut album, A Town And Two Cities, is everything I hoped it would be: classy and energetic pop-rock, perfectly produced and catchy as hell!!! Haven’t found one bad song yet… a definite contender for the best-of-2008 list!

Your Vegas – In My Head (MP3)

I finally bought Neon Neon‘s Stainless Style, despite those three awful rap-like-songs on it. But pop-gems like I Told Her On Alderaan or Belfast are just so good that I have to reward the band in some way. Hopefully they’ll loose the raps in future projects!

Neon Neon – Raquel (MP3)
Neon Neon – I Lust U (MP3)

More CDs I’ve been listening to during the holiday:

Amber Smith – Introspective (not that good, sadly…)

Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid (fantastic! Great mix of pop and melancholy. Visit this blog for two downloads, including my favourite track, One Day Like This)

James – Hey Ma (the long-awaited comeback doesn’t disappoint, although a new signature-tune is missing. Nonetheless very enjoyable!)

This Is Ivy League – This Is Ivy League (my blog-pals Morten and Peter have already written about them, and I plan to do so as well… a great summer album!)

This Is Ivy League – The Richest Kids (MP3)

And apart from that: the new Youth Group single Two Sides is making the rounds on the net, even just as a MySpace-rip. Cool song, album will follow soon. Visit Coast Is Clear for download details!

Texas-frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri is going solo and offers one of her songs for free. Visit her homepage, make up an e-mail-address, and start downloading!

That’s about it for now; I hope to get back into the usual posting routine as soon as possible!


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