Mirror Mirror On The… Mountain

Jeff Sanders
‘ project Mountain Mirrors started in the woods somewhere in Massachusetts. Sanders has been making music since he was 13; by then, he was a real heavy-metal kid, listening to Anthrax, Metallica and the likes. But later, he also discovered the sounds of Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and songwriters like Nick Drake or Damien Rice. And it’s this style of music that Sanders draws from these days.

Dreadnought, the latest release from Mountain Mirrors, is a mellow and atmospheric blend of folk-rock, psychedelia and singer/songwriter that is perfect for a gray and rainy day (like here today!). It has some references to 60s/early 70s bands like Pink Floyd or Moody Blues, but on the other hand also sounds modern (think of Antimatter or Opeth at their Damnation phase). It is definitely music that needs some attention and really deserves every minute of it. Only then will it reveal its haunting beauty and multi-layered soundscapes!

Once again, the music says it best, so I suggest you head over to the official homepage where you can download the complete album for free (as well as the first two albums!). And if you like what you hear, you can buy the physical CD at CDBaby as well and support the artist. Here are the links and some music:


From Mountain Mirrors (2006):
Mountain Mirrors – Stay Evil (MP3)
Mountain Mirrors – The Demon’s Eye (MP3)

From Lunar Ecstasy (2004):
Mountain Mirrors – Lunar Ecstasy (MP3)
Mountain Mirrors – Your Sacred Space (MP3)

Thanks to Chris from Local Vertical for pointing me to the band and sending me the CD!


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