Quick Tipp

Who? Windsor For The Derby

Come Again? A band formed 1994 in Austin, Texas

Who’s in it? Core-members are Daniel Matz and Jason McNeeley; many more artists have collaborated with the two over the years

Sounds like? Organic guitar soundtrack music

Releases? Various albums and EPs, all available on the band’s homepage

News? Latest album, How We Lost, is out on May 20th

Listen? just scroll down for a few songs, tons more on the homepage


From How We Lost (2008):
Windsor For The Derby – Maladies
Windsor For The Derby – Hold On (MP3)

From Giving Up The Ghost (2005):
Windsor For The Derby – Empathy For People Unknown (MP3)
Windsor For The Derby – Giving Up (MP3)

From We Fight Til Death (2004):
Windsor For The Derby – A Spring Like Sixty (MP3)

From The Emotional Rescue LP (2002, full free download available!):
Windsor For The Derby – The Same (MP3)
Windsor For The Derby – Indonesian Guitars (MP3)

From Difference And Repetition (1999):
Windsor For The Derby – The Egg (MP3)


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