Flashback Friday – Saturday Heartbeat

Sorry for the delay. Hope the next part of the Pet Shop Boys singles discography is excuse enough. Here we go:

Heart was released early in 1988 and again reached the number one spot in the UK, as well as in Germany and Switzerland. It was the fourth and final single from the boys’ second album Actually.

Heart has its origins back in 1986 during the Please recording sessions with Shep Pettibone. It was re-recorded for Actually with producer Andy Richards, and once again mixed by PSB-regular Julian Mendelsohn. The Pet Shop Boys had planned to offer the song to Hazell Dean or Madonna at first, but later decided to keep it for themselves. It was also intended to feature in Steven Spielberg’s 1987 movie Innerspace, but was denied due to not fitting the tempo for the scene.

Lyrics-wise, Heart is one of the “simpler” songs by the Pet Shop Boys; it’s mainly just a straight-forward declaration of love which you can find in countless other pop songs. According to Neil Tennant, the “uh uh oh oh uh”-part that repeats itself throughout the song consists of vocals from Neil, Luciano Pavarotti and Wendy Smith from Prefab Sprout. The song was originally called Heartbeat, but when former Culture Club-drummer Jon Moss formed a new band called Heartbeat UK at around the same time, the boys changed the name.

The video was directed by Jack Bond who also filmed the boys’ 1987 movie It Couldn’t Happen Here. The Heart video is based on the 1922 version of Nosferatu and shows Tennant and his bride in a castle where they are spied on by a vampire, played by Sir Ian McKellen. The vampire eventually seduces the bride, bites her and takes her away. Chris Lowe’s part in the movie is the chauffeur who brings Tennant and his bride to the castle first, and later drives Nosferatu and his new girlfriend into their future…

The B-Side to Heart was I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too), a rather PSB-by-numbers song. And of course there were once again various remixes from Julian Mendelsohn and Shep Pettibone. As always, I’m gonna offer you some of those mixes as well as the video.

Pet Shop Boys – Heart (12″ Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – Heart (Disco Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – Heart (Dub Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – Heart (Radio Edit) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – Heart (X Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) (MP3)

This will be the last Flashback Friday for the next two weeks as I will be away for a few days starting next Thursday. But the PSB singles discography will continue!


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