This ‘N That

Ryan from the Ten Thousand $ Tattoo (see my post from Monday here) sent me a message and wrote that he apparently had some problems trying out the downloads. I’ve put in the direct links from MySpace, and for me, they seemed to work. But anyway, to make things easier, I’ve uploaded the two songs to my filehoster, and if you couldn’t get the songs in the first place, here’s another chance:

The Ten Thousand Dollar Tattoo – With The Same Wings (MP3)
The Ten Thousand Dollar Tattoo – Bless The Village (MP3)

Ryan also wrote that he’s now definitely signed to the Closet Trekkie label. Congratulations! 🙂

You might or might not have heard about Björk‘s new video for Wanderlust in 3D; I’m not the biggest fan of the Icelandic elf myself, but I was just curious to see what she’s done now. And I have to admit that the video is really worth a peek! The song itself is ok, too (she’s written far more annoying ones), but if you can’t stand it, there’s always the mute button. The video works with your usual red/blue 3D-goggles, and if you don’t have these at hand, there’s even instructions on Wired how to make your own pair. So head over to Wired and check it out (high bandwith recommended… the download’s quite big!)


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