From A Town And Two Cities

Leeds is the new Vegas! It might not have as many lights or slots (yes, with an “o”!!!) as the one over there in Nevada, but as of now, Your Vegas should immediately connect you to Leeds. Or New York will do as well. Here’s why:

Four of the five band-members of Your Vegas grew up in a small suburb of Leeds and eventually found each other to form a band. Starting off as a grunge-outfit, the band later added a keyboarder and changed to a more cinematic, stadion-rock-like sound. After releasing a few indie-singles and touring up and down the country playing small venues, Your Vegas was ready for the next step. Singer Coyle Girelli moved to New York, played a few accoustic sets and slowly started to build up a buzz. Crowds grew bigger, and labels knocked on the door, and after the rest of the band visited for a few weeks, it was clear what had to be done: they all sold their stuff in England and moved to Hell’s Kitchen!

A label deal was pinned down soon enough, and work on the debut album started last April. A Town And Two Cities was released as a three-song EP via iTunes at first, and the full album with the same name will finally be released on April 29th. It has been quite a while since I’ve been looking forward to an album this much. Every song I’ve heard so far was just brilliant, and if the ones I don’t already know are only half as good, it still will be a smashing album! If Keane tried to “harden” their sound last year and mostly failed, then Your Vegas will show you how it’s done right! Wonderful melodies, powerful chorusses and walls of sound, together with the excellent voice of Girelli (who sometimes reminds me of Mew‘s Jonas Bjerre) will make this a great listening experience, for that I’m sure. My copy can’t come too soon!

You can still order the three-song EP for just 99 Cents on iTunes or Amazon (the full album should be available there, too), or listen to more songs on MySpace and Last.FM first. And then, maybe, when someone mentions Vegas in the future, you will also start to think about great music from Leeds/NY and not of that big amusement park in the desert. Viva Your Vegas!!!

Your Vegas – In My Head


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