The I Returns

Remember The I? This strange thing? No? Then read my last post about The I here. And why should you? Because The I has once again returned from the music orbit, and has brought back new discoveries, or anomalies, as they would say. The I still sounds like an integration of two or more pre-existing elements which results in a new creation. And this new creation is called Dead End Transmission. It combines four new anomalies, and they all are a very exciting experience for your eardrums.

The Dead End Transmission comes to you for free via the link below, or if you feel like rewarding the discoverers, visit The I‘s official homepage where you will find more information on how to buy the EP. For your listening pleasures, I’ve also re-posted some of the older anomalies, which are still as exciting as they were on their first appearance.

Support The I‘s mission now! We all know there is more future-pop out there waiting to be discovered!!!

The I – Dead End Transmission EP (RAR-File)

The I – Treksuit (MP3)
The I – Senser (MP3)


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