From A Land Down Under

It’s not too often that MOTM visits Australia, but from time to time, there’s an artist that deserves to be heard on this side of the earth as well. Enter The FireTree, an Australian indie-pop-four-piece from Queensland. Mastermind Dale Buchan has been performing in Australia for a couple of years now and has built up a regular fanbase, not to mention the participation in many renowned Aussie music-festivals and songwriting competitions.

Buchanan now fronts The FireTree together with singer Josie Cubis, who recorded her debut-album when she was 19; the both are backed up by Oli Cubis on bass and Tim Bailey on drums. Their blend of contemporary pop-music with roots, reggae, rock and just a hint of hip-hop has already brought them some very positive critics, and with an album in the making, the future surely looks bright for the band.

After listening to the two so-far-released songs for the first time, I was more thinking of Sweden than Australia; Cubis‘ voice sounds similar to a few well-known Scandinavian bands like Sambassadeur or Camera Obscura, but Buchanan‘s songwriting and addition of subtle raps gives the songs a very unique twist. Here’s a talented band to watch out for… even if one has to look a bit further than Sweden! Say hi on The FireTree’s MySpace, and listen to the two songs below.

The FireTree – Time Flys (MP3)
The FireTree – All We Have (MP3)

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