Monday Round-Up

Make sure you visit molotov over at Plague Of Angels today for a very good overview of Sweden’s best band. Click here and feast your ears on the best of Kent!

Eardrums brings back the 60s with a new song from The Explorers Club. It’s as if the Beach Boys have never been away! Check them out!
The Explorers Club – Last Kiss (MP3)
The Explorers Club – Do You Love Me (MP3)

In the mood for some 80s-inspired ElectRock? Then check out this little gem by Duchess Says… cool as hell!!!
Duchess Says – Black Flag (MP3)

Speaking of cool… even Folk-Rock can be just that. If you don’t believe it, you might want to join this race here!
The Heavenly States – The Race (MP3)

And just a reminder for those of you who missed it last time: you can get the brilliant new single Seventh Heaven from Glaswegian’s AirSpiel for absolutely free via their homepage… and be assured that it would be a terrible shame if you missed it!!!

And I’m a lazy sod concerning MySpace these days… a big sorry to all of you who have written or applied for friendship; I will get back to you asap, ok? This one’s for you:
Youth Group – Sorry (MP3)


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