Albums On A Train

So I got the chance to listen to some new albums on my recent trainride. Here’s what I think about some of the hot stuff that is currently making the rounds:

Neon Neon
The debut from this band left me quite clueless. On one hand, there are some ace, 80s-inspired synth-pop-tracks, on the other hand you’ll get some rubbish, rap-flavoured tunes. I’m really not sure what to think of Stainless Style… as much as I do adore the good tracks, as much I hate the crappy ones. I guess I’ll have to give it a few more spins and then maybe come up with a final verdict!
Neon Neon – I Lust U (MP3)

Never been the biggest fan of this band (Trip-Hop just came to early for me… I was listening to a completely different style of music back then), but I quite like the songs I know from the previous two albums. So after a long absence, the Bristol band has returned with their third studio album, and I have to admit that l’m quite impressed. There’s a lot going on on the album, and it definitely isn’t just a lukewarm renewal of their trademark sound. And Beth Gibbons‘ voice is as fragile and loveable as ever. So this one is definitely recommended!

Talk about a lot going on… Red, the second album by the Guillemots, really blew me away!!! Each song is a bag full of surprises, and if you’re not immediately taken in by opener Kriss Kross, you might want to see a doctor and check your hearing. It’s catchy, it’s witty, it’s bold… I haven’t had this much fun listening to a new album in quite a while!

I was really disappointed by Around The Sun, and as it looks like, I wasn’t the only one… R.E.M. have finally re-discovered how to rock, and Accelerate delivers what the title promises. It’s only 36 minutes long, but you don’t need more to realise that the time of “biggest indie-band in the world” isn’t over yet! Even if you’re not a loyal follower of the Athens lads, you should give the new record a try… chances are good that you might like what you hear. Stream the excellent album opener Living Well Is The Best Revenge by hitting the link right here:
R.E.M. – Living Well Is The Best Revenge (MOV)
R.E.M. – I’ll Take The Rain (Jamie Candiloro Remix) (MP3)

This one was recommended by a friend from, and since the band offers their whole new album as a free download, I couldn’t let that opportunity go by. While I’m not completely convinced by it, the album does make a nice listening. I guess it’s one of those records that you have to be in the right mood to enjoy. Nevertheless… a band that so generously offers their work deserves at least to be heard. Follow the link below to the album download.
Giraffe – Smoke And Mirrors (MP3)
Giraffe – Not Drunk (In Love) (MP3)


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