Let Your Heart Break

In the mood for some laid-back, 70s-inspired, well-crafted pop-songs? Look no further than The Billie Burke Estate, the musical project of singer/composer/producer Andy Liotta. Liotta has been in the business for over 20 years now, and Let Your Heart Break is the second and newest album release as The Billie Burke Estate. The debut, Give It All Away, was released in 2005, and got some positive reviews. Now in 2008, the “smart pop revolution” has started with the latest release.

Although I only know two songs from Let Your Heart Break so far (listening to the album-stream right now), it is suffice to say that here’s an artist that cares for the song. Both I Can Float and Everybody’s Gonna Die are immediately catchy and will win you over in no time. The roots of BBE‘s songs are clearly found in the 70s, but the sound never seems outdated. This is the stuff that timeless music is made of.

Even if it’s early into 2008, we already might have the first proper summer-album on our hands. If you’re not convinced by my words yet, the fine lads at Fanatic Promotion offer a full albums stream, and the two above-mentioned songs as well. So go ahead and loose yourself in this perfect pop-offering! Here are the links:


E-Card with album-stream: http://www.fanaticpromotion.com/projects/billie_burke/ecard/

The Billie Burke Estate – I Can Float (MP3)
The Billie Burke Estate – Everybody’s Gonna Die (MP3)


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