Flashback Friday – Yeah, Right…!

Ah, That Grim Reality (Wan Light). It’s the last day of work today before my two-weeks-holiday. I intended to do a post with some classic holiday songs today, but once again, it wasn’t meant to be… sadly, the Flashback-Friday-on-a-day-that-only-happens-every-four-years is not going to happen… at least Not Today (Afraid Of Stairs). Sorry ’bout that…

So I hope to welcome you all back to the blog on March 17th (of course you can always visit earlier, but there won’t be any news until then, not even Between The Lines (Sambassadeur)…). I suggest that in the meantime you can either Do What You Wanna Do (Acid House Kings), or take the opportunity to check out some of the fine blogs in the blogroll. I’ll be Missing You (Club 8) for the next two weeks, but I’m going to Hide Away (The Legends) now. I hope you’ll Keep Your Love (Loveninjas) for this humble blog, and stay tuned until this Lucky Star (The Legends) here returns and shouts: HONEY, I’M HOME! (Starlet)

Take care, farewell and avoid the Worst Taste In Music (The Radio Dept.). If I should get Lost (The Mary Onettes), I’ll let you know! 🙂

See You!!!


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