Collection Of New Songs

I have a bunch of pretty good, new songs in my News-Folder which I think you should listen to. Some of them would deserve a longer description, but I just don’t have the time for that now. Most of this stuff is from Morten‘s, Peter 1‘s and Peter 2‘s blogs, or of one of the other fine ones in my blogroll; so if you like something here and need more info, I suggest you check out these blogs, or do a quick search on Google. Here we go:

Breumm – Ingen Verdens Ting (MP3)

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

Cocoanut Groove – The End Of The Summer On Bookbinder Road (MP3)

Grand Archives – Torn Blue Foam Couch (MP3)

The Gutter Twins – Idle Hands (MP3)

Ruined By Martin – Defy The Odds (MP3)

Chris Walla – Sing Again (MP3)

Small Crew – Boxing Day (MP3)

Thanks for the suppliers, you know who you are! 🙂


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