Quite Busy Again…

Another hectic week lies ahead of me before I can finally leave for my two-weeks holiday. Somehow it’s always the same: as soon as I announce my absence, people keep shooting work into my direction that has to be done as quickly as possible… although some of it has been lingering around for weeks on their desks. Well, no use complaining… I guess the work will still be here when I return.

Enough wailing, here’s what I’ve been doing over the last weekend:

I’ve visited a world premiere last Sunday: a screening of the Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The Rings movie with orchestral accompaniment. The whole score to the film was played live by over 100 musicians and chorists… it was simply amazing!!! The movie itself is one of my all-time-favourites, and with the addition of the live music, it has just gotten even better! If you remember, I’ve already visited a concert of the Lord Of The Rings Symphony last year (read here), but this was on yet another level!

Composer Howard Shore was also amongst the audience and gave an interview before the movie. He talked about the work on the score and his experience with composing a whole symphony for a movie. Also, future projects were mentioned; he’s just laying the finishing touches on an opera (!) version of The Fly for which he has also written the score back in the 80s, and he’s currently composing the music to a yet untitled movie about a Laotian family and their journey from Laos to New York. No word on the upcoming Hobbit movies though…

At the end, Howard Shore stated that he’d like to do an orchestral-accompanied movie screening of the Two Towers next year, and I think chances are high that we will see that happen next March, as it was already announced in a preview of upcoming events at the concert location. I will definitely attend it, and if you have the chance to visit the Fellowship Of The Rings show, I highly recommend that you don’t miss it! Check Howard Shore‘s website for further details.

I’m really happy that Frames-frontman Glen Hansard won an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. I yet have to see Once, but I’ve known the song Falling Slowly for quite a while now, and it’s easily one of his best tunes. And it would have been a real shame if he’d have lost against one of those terrible songs from Enchanted!!! Here’s Falling Slowly from the Oscars 2008 with Marketa Irglova (thanks to Deaf Indie Elephants), and also the version from the Frames:

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly (MP3)
The Frames – Falling Slowly


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