Just A Little Bit More Swedish Promo…

OK, Wonderland Records. Founded in 1994 by one Sebastian Hess as a mailorder company, and becoming a label in 2004. Sebastian has a very simple label philosophy: Awesome Music Performed By Awesome People. Well, I can’t say anything about the people, but the music certainly is in big parts awesome. I’ve already introduced you to Markovic, Emmon and Thermostatic, but Sebastian has a few more acts under his wings that deserve an earful. I’m posting a little selection of those acts below, and you can get all the information about the label, the bands and how to buy their works on the official homepage of Wonderland Records. Thanks, Sebastian, for the fine work you do… and I hope you can always stick to your slogan: Wonderland – Not Like The Big Ones And Never Will Be!

Electronic Acts on Wonderland:

Universal Poplab
Electronic pop with powerful vocals; a bit Erasure-like.
Universal Poplab – I Could Say I’m Sorry (MP3)

Slick electronic pop, sung in Swedish
Arvid – Iskristall (MP3)

Pop/Rock Acts on Wonderland:

Depressive Art
Classic rock with modern influences; think of the Editors meeting the Stones
Depressive Art – On Solid Ground

Alternative country-pop with rock and soul influences
Quarterhorse – Alina (MP3)

Sweden’s Robert Smith – with equal hair and just as passionate music!
Dimbodius – Hands Let Go (MP3)

Mattias Tell
rock/pop sung in Swedish that both hits and hugs
Mattias Tell – Botox Dollface (MP3)

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