Swedish Promo Pack, Part III

Let’s round up that Swedish Promo pack I’ve continued yesterday. While in Part I, Markovic delivered indie-rock, and in Part II, Emmon served Electro-Pop, today’s offering is pure Electronica. Here’s Thermostatic!

Founded during summer 2003 in Gothenburg, Thermostatic quickly became a well-known act amongst Swedish club-goers. They released their first EP in 2004; a limited edition of 50 copies was created and intended to be sold at a club gig. While the band hoped for about 20-25 pieces to be sold, all 50 were gone just after 20 minutes!

In 2005, the band was contracted by Wonderland Records, and soon after that, the debut album Joy-Toy was released. In 2007, the band re-released the album with bonus tracks and are currently promoting the two singles from the album. Also work on new material for the next album has started already.

I guess you have to have a liking for Electronica and maybe a soft spot for 80s-computer-sounds; if you can check both these boxes, you will definitely enjoy the joyous sounds of Thermostatic. Below, you will find So Close So Near from the album Joy-Toy, a new song called The Box, as well as a demo of Sweet Girl and a remix of I Want To Be A Marilyn, their first song. And try to get your hands on their fabulous coverversion of the Pet Shop Boys’ Paninaro!


Thermostatic – So Close So Near (MP3)
Thermostatic – The Box (MP3)
Thermostatic – Sweet Girl (5W337 9RL Original Demo) (MP3)
Thermostatic – I Want To Be A Marilyn (M.M.U.M. Acid Version) (MP3)

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