Whatever Happened To…? Continued Part II

I obviously didn’t have time to continue this series yesterday (bet you’ve noticed!), so I’m gonna finish it up today. Here are some more:

The Guggenheim Grotto
Let’s head over to Dublin. A lot of news comes from The Guggenheim Grotto. Album #2 is well underway and might get a 2008 release; one of their older songs has been featured on a Starbucks compilation album, together with other UK artists like Amy Winehouse, Damien Rice, The Fratellis and many more; and Philosophia, another track from the debut album, will be featured in a movie called The Education Of Charlie Banks, btw. the debut flick of a certain Fred Durst (yep, excactly that one!). Oh, and Philosophia has been pre-installed on the demo-units of Apple’s iPhone as well… it really looks like the Grottos have been busy bees lately! Quite rightly so… I really want to hear more of this band!!!
The Guggenheim Grotto – And A Tear Isn’t Such A Bad Thing (MP3)
The Guggenheim Grotto – A Lifetime In Heat (MP3)
The Guggenheim Grotto – Cold Truth (MP3)

The Music
Whatever happened to them??? Welcome To The North, the second album, was released four years ago, and since then, no new music from The Music. Well, not quite. The band has been sorting out their lives in the meantime, has just finished mixing the third album, and are currently touring the UK. We’ll probably see the release of the new one soon, and I’m pretty curious of hearing how the band has evolved. Rob, the lead singer, says in one of his blogs that it’s very strong stuff, but then he wouldn’t say anything else, right?

The 2006 debut album The Cause: The Effect from this UK outfit was an interesting one; especially Walking In Silence caught my ear. So, is there more? Neither the official homepage nor MySpace gives anything away… no news on the next album or on the band at all. This might mean that they are currently tucked away in a cosy studio, cut off from the outside world, or that they simply have decided to abandon the project. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything happens here…
Veldt – Walking In Silence (MP3)
Veldt – Play For Today (MP3)
Veldt – Good Morning (MP3)

sorry, there won’t be more today. But I might continue this series in the near future.


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