Whatever Happened To…? Continued

Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate)
the Canadian band has released two very good albums so far, and since the last one was released in 2006, I think it’s about time for more. And indeed, Pilot Speed are currently working on a new album, but have only recently finished the writing process. So it could well take some time before we see the release of the new one. Good things come to those who wait, I say, so here’s hoping that the wait will pay off in the end!
Pilot – Into Your Hideout (MP3)

My Architects
Grand Designs was this UK band’s album from 2006, and although it was not a complete smash, there were some very fine songs on that one. So will there be more? Yes, indeed! My Architects are currently working on the follow-up, and they’ve decided to take matters in their own hands and do the work all by themselves. If we see a new release this year remains uncertain, but there are already three new songs on the band’s MySpace, and all of them are downloadable in good quality. Go get ’em!

Secret Machines
We stay in 2006 when New York’s own Secret Machines released their second album Ten Silver Drops, which in my opinion was a real grower. I must admit that I’ve seen the band following the Hope Of The States/Cooper Temple Clause road of bands who broke up despite constantly releasing great music. Lucky for us, the Secret Machines are still alive and well, and are currently in the studio working on a new album. That’s about all the news we get; that and a streaming video of a new song called Better Bring Your Friends which you can find on their homepage!

The Boy Least Likely To
Those charming brits invited us to The Best Party Ever back in 2005, and the good news is that we will soon be able to meet up again with them! The follow-up is being recorded as we speak, and according to a blog-entry on MySpace, we probably will get a new song for free somewhen in March. Let’s see if the party will get as good as the last one!
The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me (MP3)

Check back later for more…

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