Whatever Happened To…?

I’ve been going through my music folders recently and noticed a few bands that have released some rather good music over the last years, but have been quiet for a while since then. It might be that I missed any news on these bands, or it might be that they’ve simply not done anything lately. So I was surfing around a bit and checked on them, and here’s what I’ve found. If you have any more information on any of these artists, let me know, and I’ll add it!


Vancouver-based electronica-shoegazer Au4 have released a stunning debut in 2006, and since then, it has been rather quiet. The official website is announcing new shows and a complete upgrade, but this information has been placed there for quite a while now. No news is good news? Hmm…
At least you can still stream the whole album here; do it if you don’t know it!!!

the indie-rockers from Salt Lake City have made a big impression on me with their 2004 album Lands, and according to their homepage, they’re currently working on new material which is hopefully being released this year. Some gigs have also been announced, and they just have been nominated for “Best Ambient Rock Band” by a local SLC newspaper. So it looks like they’ve been busy, and we can look forward to more music from DulceSky. Free downloads at their MySpace, btw.
Update from Peter: he got word that the band will release a new EP soon including a Ride-cover! Sounds good to me!

It’s almost 4 years since Oregon-based indie-poppers Easterly released their fine self-titled album. According to their latest MySpace-blog-entry from January 2008, some of the band members have been busy with their solo projects, but Easterly hasn’t died yet. Work on new songs has been going on over the last few years, but if there will ever be a new album remains uncertain. At least we have some great old ones to cling on to!
Easterly – Lover Is Fine (MP3)
Easterly – Happiness (MP3)

High Dials

War Of The Wakening Phantoms was this Montreal-gang’s 2005 latest release, and it was good! In 2007, they released an EP with some outtakes, and are currently working on a new album called Moon Country. At least that’s what Sonicbids says; since there’s no date on this message, it’s not really clear if this information is still valid. Back in June last year, the band wrote on their MySpace about a new album being in the pipeline, but since then, only silence.
High Dials – Soul In Lust (MP3)
High Dials – The Holy Ground (MP3)

Hotel Lights

on we go with Brooklyn’s Hotel Lights. A pretty decent album release in 2006, an accoustic tour in fall 2007, and one gig in January this year. Back in July 2007, Darren from the band stated that he has been putting finishing touches on a new album, and hopes to release it early 2008. No sign of it so far, but we’ll stay tuned! Until then, here are some beauties from the last album.
Hotel Lights – A.M. Slow Golden Hit (MP3)
Hotel Lights – Small Town Shit (MP3)

Jeff Hanson
US-singer with a very unique voice, has been working on his third album for a while now. On his MySpace as well as on the official site, it says that the album called Madam Owl should see the light of day this year. Well, I hope so… his last album was quite a grower! Check out the four songs below!
Jeff Hanson – This Time It Will (MP3)
Jeff Hanson – Just Like Me (MP3)
Jeff Hanson – Hiding Behind The Moon (MP3)
Jeff Hanson – Now We Know (Alternate Version) (MP3)

That’s it for today, I’ll probably continue this tomorrow…


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