Flashback Friday – MOTM Memories

Here are a few of my music memories… can’t believe that some of them are over 30 years old!!!

One of the first cassettes I’ve bought (if not the first) was Kilroy Was Here by Styx. Yeah, the one with Mr Roboto on it. I remember being very proud of this one, and I still have it at home somewhere… ah, those good old cassette days!

Love At First Sting from German hard-rockers Scorpions was the first cassette I gave my father as a Christmas gift. He seemed to like it, and I thought it’s very cool to have a dad that actually listens to hard-rock!

Quite a few guys in my neighbourhood liked Barclay James Harvest back in those good, old days. One of them was such a big fan that he wrote the initials of the band in big letters on his speakerbox. Unfortunately, he put the “J” the wrong way, so instead of BJH, it read BCH. Funny that no one in his family noticed it until I came along and told him. 🙂

Two albums that will always stick together forever in my life: Manfred Mann‘s Angel Station and Alan Parson‘s Eve. It was the time when I started to take interest in the music my brother was listening to, and he had these two albums on heavy rotation for weeks. Years later when I bought Eve on CD, I just had to order Angel Station as well. Can’t have the one without the other…

I will never forget how we sat for hours and listened to the Queen‘s song Bicycle Race; best part was of course the ringring of the bells; we just couldn’t get enough of that! And remember: those where the vinyl days when you had to pick up the needle and put it right back to the beginning of the song without scratching the precious LP!!!


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