Swedish Promo Pack, Part I

A couple of days ago, I received a nice promo-pack from Swedish label Wonderland Records. No less than 5 CDs were in it, and I’m gonna introduce 3 of them to you over the next few days. To some of you they might not be news, but I still think they are worth listening to. I’m gonna start with the one that impressed me most.

In 2007, Goteborg-based band Markovic released their debut-album Adoreus. And although I knew their song Crayons already (and liked that one!), I didn’t care about listening to the rest. Well, big mistake! Adoreus is a very interesting and cool debut, and it’s a bit strange that it didn’t cause bigger waves. Some might say the songs are too overblown, but I think it all comes together perfectly. I’m often reminded of older Suede when listening to Adoreus, as singer Johan Berg has that special melancholy in his voice like Mr Anderson does. Add the epic songwriting to this voice, and you’ll end up with an emotional and very catchy album. This definitely isn’t your average Swedish happy indie-pop; I think Markovic‘s ambitious and gloomy sound is more likely to be found in the Kent-corner.

The band-biography doesn’t give away much (in fact, there’s only the above picture there…), and so does MySpace. And the bio on Wonderland Records is available in Swedish only. Well, we know they’re from Sweden, we know that the band consists of five musicians, and thanks to the permission of Wonderland Records, we can listen to some music of Markovic. And I’m also linking to the Emo Remix which can be downloaded for free from the band’s MySpace. Now it’s your turn to discover Markovic! Oh, and btw.: the band is currently touring Sweden and the UK, so if you want to see them live, check their MySpace for the dates.


Markovic – MakeBeliever (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (MP3)
Markovic – Emo (Cazuma Remix) (MP3)

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