Flashback Friday – Lost Gems Telegrams

— stop — Disco-Funk-project founded by Austrian musician Kurt Hauenstein — stop — Album World Of Today released in 1977 — stop — single Lovemachine followed 1978 — stop — hit top-10 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria — stop — Hauenstein is currently working with members of Wu Tang Clan — stop —

Supermax – Lovemachine

Clout — stop — originally a South-African five-piece, all-girl rock roup — stop — biggest hit was Substitute — stop — hit No. 1 in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and South Africa — stop — Substitute was later recorded by Gloria Gaynor, but the B-side of the single, I Will Survive, was more successful — stop —

Clout – Substitute (MP3)

Erma Franklin — stop — oldest of the three Franklin sisters Aretha and Carolyn — stop — had her biggest hit with Piece Of My Heart in 1967 — stop — song was later covered by Janis Joplin, Faith Hill, Beverley Knight and Dusty Springfield — stop — Erma never made it to great fame — stop — quit music business in 1970 — stop — died in 2002 of throat cancer — stop —

Erma Franklin – Piece Of My Heart (MP3)

Gary Wright — stop — American musician — stop — former member of Spooky Tooth, a band with many break-ups and reunions — stop — landed a hit in 1976 with his solo-album and single Dream Weaver — stop — studied psychology during the 60s in Europe — stop — Dream Weaver came to fame again in 1992 when the song was used in comedy-flick Wayne’s World — stop —

Gary Wright – Dream Weaver (MP3)

Moti Special — stop — German New Wave band from the 80s — stop — named after an Indian restaurant in London were “Moti” was the special of the day — stop — Cold Days, Hot Nights was a big hit in Germany — stop — one of the band-members was Michael Cretu, who later became a successful solo artist — stop — also wrote and produced many hits for his wive, 80s-chanteuse Sandra — stop — created another succesful band-project with Enigma — stop —

Moti Special – Cold Days, Hot Nights (MP3)


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