Time for some Danish Delight today. What happens if you put synthpop, powerdisco and a Nintendo gameboy into a blender? Apart from messing up the blender, you might end up with sounds from TOKIO. No, not TOKIO, Japan, but TOKIO, Denmark!

Consisting of a drummer, a singer and two synth guys, TOKIO‘s main mission is to get everyone off their asses and onto the dance-floor. And – as they say – they want to do that in the most simple way: a beat, a bass, a hook and a bit of pling-plong (this probably is where the gameboy comes handy!). The band was founded back in 2005, and started playing in practically every venue around Aarhus. Two EPs were released during the last years, one in 2006, the latest in 2007. They are currently located in Copenhagen, touring Denmark and plan to visit Germany as well in the near future.

TOKIO has released 5 songs so far (check their MySpace for more downloads), and if the mission is to bring people to the dance-floor, they completely succeed with this repertoire! All the songs will hit you without a detour, and chances are high that they’ll stuck with you for quite a while. A big part of that is due to the singer’s voice which perfectly fits the energetic songs. Well, I’ll stop now describing the music, you best listen for yourself. Don’t forget your plateaus!!!

TOKIO – Cool (MP3)
TOKIO – Boy (MP3)
TOKIO – Loud (MP3)

Of course TOKIO will also be added to the Music From Denmark blog soon!


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