Yes, Sir!

San Francisconians (is that written right…?) Sir Salvatore have released a new EP called Continental Breakfast. The 5 songs are all pretty good, with Ambalina being the stand-out-track for me. The new EP as well as the older one can now be purchased on iTunes and eMusic; just check the homepage for information. Here are some tasters from both EPs:

from Continental Breakfast:

Sir Salvatore – Ambalina (MP3)
Sir Salvatore – Townies (MP3)

From Those Men Are Not Astronauts:

Sir Salvatore – Hooray This Projector (MP3)
Sir Salvatore – Public Key (MP3)

On other news: the next Death Cab For Cutie album will be called Narrow Stairs. No definitive release date yet, but it should be somewhen in May 2008. Here’s a cool song from DCFC-guitarist/producer Chris Walla‘s first solo-album Field Manual, now available at Barsuk.

Chris Walla – Sing Again (MP3)
Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body (MP3)

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