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Since we have been to Down Under yesterday, I think it’s ok to stay a bit longer and talk about another Aussie act. IKON have been around for almost 20 years now (and in that time managed to perfectly fly under my radar…), but now I’ve finally discovered them on one of my blog-crawls.

IKON is mainly Chris McCarter on vocals, guitar and programming, and Dino Molinaro on bass; they began their musical relationship back in 1988 in highschool, and remained musical partners until this very day. It is obvious that over this long time of music-making, IKON has gathered a devoted international fanbase, which also comes down to constant releases of EPs, albums and singles. In 2007, the band has released their best-of-compilation The Burden Of History as well as a new EP called League Of Nations, serving as a taster for their next studio album which is due for a mid-2008 release.

Musically, the band plays post-punk and rock with darkwave elements; you also occasionally spot the word “goth” in their album reviews. I have yet to buy my first IKON album (I guess the best-of is a good one to start), but to get in the sound of the band, they offer a whole bunch of MP3s on their official website. There are lots of live and demo recordings, but also “regular” songs from various EPs. Below, you’ll find my picks, but I suggest you head to the website and check out the rest as well.

from League Of Nations EP:
IKON – A Line On A Dark Day (WMA)

from Psychic Vampire EP:
IKON – Psychic Vampire (MP3)

from Afterlife CD-single:
IKON – Afterlife (Alternative Version) (MP3)

IKON – Ceremony (Live In Italy) (MP3)

IKON – The Disappeared (Live In Germany) (MP3)


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