Recently, In My Mailbox…

…I found a mail from Ryan from the USA who wanted me to listen to a band called Collection Of Colonies Of Bees. After a bit of research I found out that the band with the unusual name was formed 10 years ago already; and since they have just released their latest album, it’s no wonder that they have been featured on many blogs recently.

So what does it sound like? Here’s what their one-sheet says: great, billowing swarms of sound, bourn aloft on a thousand wings of minuscule, elegant detail. Extended instrumental tracks is what we’re getting, and it takes a bit more than just one or two listening sessions to capture all that’s happening here. And I’m only talking about one song! I can’t say anything about the rest of the album, but I guess if you like Flocks III, you might also fall in love with the other songs.

If you follow the links below, you’ll find more information about the Collections Of Colonies Of Bees. The album itself is probably available somewhere there, too… I couldn’t find a link, but contacting the band on MySpace might be a good thing to start with.

Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Flocks III (MP3)


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