The Friendly Fire Burns

Some news from New York-based label Friendly Fire:

The latest EP by Canadian shoegazers Faunts is now also available as a digital download on iTunes or eMusic. M4 is almost a complete album as it’s about 40 minutes long, but it is more on the ambient side than their brilliant debut album High Expectations/Low Results. Nonetheless, the music of the Faunts is worth checking out, and to help you with that, here are three tasters:

From M4:
Faunts – M4 (Part I) (MP3)

From High Expectations/Low Results:
Faunts – Memories Of Places I’ve Never Been (MP3)

Non-Album track:
Faunts – What I’d Love To Hear You Say (MP3)

Furthermore, Friendly Fire is just about to release their newest artist into the wild. Instead of trying to find my own words to describe the band, I’ll leave that to the Fires:

This Tuesday, 1/22, marks the release of the debut album from the
, an incredible new Canadian band featuring Paul Arnusch
from Faunts and Lyle and Clint from spastic dance-punk superstars Shout
Out Out Out Out. With reverent nods to the flower-picking whimsy of the
Zombies, the red-faced bluster of the Animals, and the delightful
inanity of Syd Barrett, the Whitsundays’ self-titled debut is a vintage
gem, and a charming hodgepodge of ’60s musical ephemera. Any fan of
super-sweet psych-pop or 60’s garage rock would be well advised to
check this excellent album out. It’s officially out on Tuesday, but
it’s currently available for pre-order on the Friendly Fire website.

This description sure made me wanna hear the band, and with the two songs here, you should get a good idea what to expect!

The Whitsundays – Sorry James (MP3)
The Whitsundays – It Must Be Me (MP3)


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