Up The Mountain

Here’s another band that can be found on a few Breakthrough-2008-lists. Black Mountain is a five-piece from British Columbia, and has been around for a few years now. An EP called Druganaut was released in 2004, and a self-titled LP followed in 2005.

The latest offering of Black Mountain is In The Future, and the future is now. The album will be released these days and it contains 10 indie-retro-rock-gems (and 3 more if you can get your hands on the limited edition). Critics have often been divided when reviewing the sound of Black Mountain. Some praise the adept imitation of their idols, others think they’re just blatantly using old ideas. I think I belong to the first group; the first song I’ve heard of Black Mountain was Tyrants (download below), and it literarilly left me speechless. I was rushed back to the 70s and heard The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac and a few others in just one song… but nonetheless, it didn’t sound outdated in any way! And that goes for the rest of the album, too. Call it Retro-Rock with a modern indie-twist or vice-versa, but no matter what you call it, In The Future doesn’t disappoint. Especially the 16-minute epic Bright Lights shows what this outfit is capable of. I’m quite sure you will read a lot more about Black Mountain this year!

In The Future is available to pre-order via their homepage, and if you do so, you’ll also get a code to download the whole album before the release date which is January 22nd. And the band is currently touring the US; dates are available on the homepage, too. Last but not least, you can stream the whole album on Last.FM. Don’t miss one of the first highlights of 2008!


From In The Future:
Black Mountain – Tyrants (MP3)

From self-titled CD/LP:
Black Mountain – Druganaut (MP3)


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