Same Procedure As Last Year…

Wellwell… I did it again! Just about one year ago, I wrote about missing Windermere‘s album in 2006 (read here), and now, I’ve just realized that I have ignored another great album that probably would have ended up in my best-of-2007-list somewhere. Yes, I should have paid more attention when everyone was praising the debut album by The Mary Onettes!

Their approach on 80s New-Wave is just fabulous, and I guess I didn’t realize that because I only knew Lost at first, and this one didn’t whet my appetite for more. It’s a good song, mind, but it just slipped through the net. Well, good thing is that great music always returns somehow, as if it wants to be heard. So, better late than never, I’d say. And if the same happened to you and you’ve missed this great album, here’s another chance to get into this fine Swedish act!

The Mary Onettes – Lost (MP3)
The Mary Onettes – Void (MP3)
The Mary Onettes – Concrete (MP3)


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