Danmark On The Antilles

And while we’re at it, here’s another band from Denmark. J.A. has come up with this one, so thanks again to Spain for the tipp!

Antilles is the name of the band, and loveable 80s synth-pop with a perfectly fitting girl voice is what we get. The words and music are written by one David Witkowski, and the wonderful voice belongs to Anne Christine. Their influence list on their myspace is a who-is-who of those good, old 80s-synthiepop-heroes: Ultravox, Mylene Farmer, A-Ha, Erasure, Jean-Michel Jarré, Vangelis, Pet Shop Boys, and last but not least Alphaville. I mention them last because once you’ve listened to Antilles‘ song A Different Place, you will immediately notice some similarities to Alphaville‘s BIGgest hit! 🙂

I urge you to listen to the Antilles even if the mentioning of “80s-synthie-pop” usually makes you run away as far as you can. You might find the songs extremely charming and uplifting and deeper than they might seem at first. I fell in love with this perfect pop at the first minute, and who knows… the same might happen to you! The 80s have never sounded that good!


Antilles – You And Me (MP3)
Antilles – Something New (MP3)
Antilles – A Different Place (MP3)
Antilles – Casper’s Lullaby (MP3)
Antilles – And Then Another Day (MP3)


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