Danish Update

Two new additions to the Music From Denmark blog:

Majorian, a nice blend of alternative pop and shoegaze with a heavenly voice. Download Truth Telling Peekholes on the band’s MySpace.

and Panicphobia with their quirky approach on Prog-Rock. No free downloads here, but worth an earful!

Keep the suggestions coming!

And last but not least, a Danish act that is already on the MFD blog, but has never gotten any promotion here. It’s time you meet the Marybell Katastrophy. Their music is a bit hard to describe… think indiepop meets Björk meets Goldfrapp meets Of Montreal meets Arcade Fire. I bet you’ll find some more influences once you’ve listened to the songs. I was allowed to offer you one song, and Red Red it is.

Marybell Katastrophy has released their debut 5-track-EP This Is The One last December, and it’s only available as a download via their homepage. You’ll have to work your way through the page, and you can decide yourselves how much you’d like to pay for the songs, but if you want to skip the hassle of downloading, you can also order a 10″-vinyl of the EP. Last but not least you can stream the whole thing on Last.FM. And of course there’s a MySpace as well!

There you have it: enough possibilities to get in touch with Marybell Katastrophy… no more excuses accepted!!!


Marybell Katastrophy – Red Red (MP3)


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