Visiting Italy

After New York yesterday, we come back to Europe today and visit Bella Italia. It doesn’t happen a lot that I promote bands from Italy, but once and again, our Southern neighbourhood country has more to offer than just Ramazottis or Celentanos! So here comes …A Toys Orchestra (yes, the three periods officially belong to the name! 🙂 ).

…A Toys Orchestra was born in 1998. They have already created some buzz in their homecountry and have already won some indie contests there as well. Their version of I Am The Walrus was included in an Italian Beatles tribute-sampler, and the 2004 album Cuckoo Boohoo was released not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland (unnoticed by me…), Germany and Austria. A video for Peter Pan Syndrome apparently has been airing on MTV, but since I hardly watch that channel anymore, I can’t really say if that’s true.

Heavy touring through Italy followed during 2004 and 2006, and finally, in 2007, the new album Technicolor Dreams was released, and it was voted Disc Of The Year by the Italian Independent Music Association.

Most of the other information on the band’s sites is written in Italian, but once again, the music speaks for itself. This is definitely a band that you should keep an eye on if indie-rock is your thing. The song Cornice Dance from Technicolor Dreams was enough for me to buy the album without even knowing any of the other songs, but still I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. …A Toys Orchestra offer quite a few free songs to give easy access to the band’s music. You can find some of them below, and you’ll find the rest on the official homepage.

from Technicolor Dreams:
…A Toys Orchestra – Cornice Dance (MP3)

from Cuckoo Boohoo:
…A Toys Orchestra – Peter Pan Syndrome (MP3)

from the Cuckoo Boohoo Outtakes:
…A Toys Orchestra – Nena Lena (MP3)

from the Beatles Tribute sampler Let It Boom:
…A Toys Orchestra – I Am The Walrus (MP3)

from Job:
…A Toys Orchestra – Don’t Say Goodbye (MP3)

from sampler Soniche Avventure:
…A Toys Orchestra – God’s Beard (MP3)


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