Last Gig Of The Year

Tomorrow night, I’m going to my last concert of 2007. My godson (he just turned 8 last week) is a huge fan of Swiss hardrock (!) combo Gotthard, and since they’re playing in our town tomorrow, I’ve invited him to the gig as a birthday present. I quite liked the music of Gotthard before they turned mainstream (which was about 3 or 4 albums ago), but I’d rather go to one of their gigs than to any of the so-called “stars” that one can find in the official charts these days. And I’m glad that my godson really prefers guitar rock over plastic-pop and hip-hop (he has already nicked CDs from AC/DC, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep from his dad’s collection! 🙂 ).

Another nice thing about the gig tomorrow: one of the supporting acts will be Denmark’s Grand Avenue. It looks like they’re trying to build up some hype in German-speaking countries as they have been excessively touring Germany recently, and already get some radio airplay here in Switzerland. Although I think their sound lacks a bit of originality (they’re just trying a bit too hard to sound like Coldplay), I’m nonetheless looking forward to their gig.

Grand Avenue – What’s On Your Mind (MP3)


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