A Green Day At Foxboro

Punkrockers Green Day will return next year with a new album, and expectations are high after their excellent 2004 punkopera American Idiot. But it looks like the trio isn’t too busy with writing and producing the new songs as they have just launched (another) side-project. Unofficial and not confirmed 100% it might be, but news travels fast on the net!

A project called Foxboro Hot Tubs has been making the rounds since last weekend when a 6-track-EP called Stop Drop And Roll has been posted on the band’s homepage. You won’t find any information about the band whatsoever on the website though; another circumstance that has been adding to the rumours that Green Day are behind the project.

Musically, you can’t expect to hear the typical Green Day sound. FHT’s music is clearly based in 60s garage rock. But if you’re familiar with Green Days music, you can hear hints everywhere on the EP. Be it the drums, bass or lead guitar, the similarities to the main band are sometimes quite obvious. Billy Armstrong’s voice may have been altered a bit, but even then, you can tell that it’s him.

The six songs are a quite pleasant surprise and show the diversity of the trio. It may be almost another year before the fans can enjoy a new album by Green Day, but at least here’s something to bridge this gap. Three songs are here for you, and you can get the rest on the Foxboro Hot Tubs homepage.


The Foxboro Hot Tubs – She’s Not A Saint, She’s A Celebrity (MP3)
The Foxboro Hot Tubs – Ruby Room (MP3)
The Foxboro Hot Tubs – Mother Mary (MP3)


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