About To Explode

It’s time again for a bit of Danish music today. Unexploded is the musical brainchild of one Spine, who acts as lead singer, songwriter and producer. Spine mixes alternative-rock with elements of electro and progressive and creates a very intense and energetic sound. He likes to experiment with sounds, and Unexploded seems to be the right channel to let that creativity run loose.

Several EPs have already been released by Unexploded, and songs have appeared on various Danish samplers and soundtracks. For live performances, Spine recruits a band of skilled musicians, and during the last few years, several concerts have been absolved, one of them at the prestigious Roskilde Festival. The debut album is in the pipeline and should be released next year.

Here are two tasters from Unexploded. If you want more, you can head over to the homepages and order some of the EPs there.


Unexploded – Lake (MP3)
Unexploded – Venom (MP3)

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