The Beast Is Loose

Science-Fiction-fans might know Gray Beast as a planet in the popular Perry Rhodan-series. But since this isn’t the Science Of The Moment-blog, I’d rather talk about a musical Gray Beast.

Behind that name, you can find two guys called Lucas Spider and Boyd Reno. The two have been friends since childhood, shared their love for music and released a few LPs together as a band called Oh, Ranger!. In 2003 – after the dissolvment of this band – Reno pursued a solo-project, and Spider joined Your Name In Lights, a progressive rock band. Two years later, Lucas and Boyd met again, and decided to pick up where they left and start a new project.

Early in 2006, Boyd came up with the idea to create an electronic-melancholic album, and he already had the name for it: The Album That Killed Its Parents. Over the past few months, the sound was forged, and more and more influences like soul, 80s pop and modern R&B were added to the electronic basis. And now, after about one and a half years of creativity flowing, the album is finally ready to be released into the wild.

The Album That Killed Its Parents is a mellow affair, and the more you listen to it, the more of the above-mentioned influences you will notice. It fits perfectly into this time of year when people seem to always be in a hurry, and therefore need something to bring them down to earth again by the end of the day. The sound of Gray Beast really serves that purpose. The album is being released today, and is available through, iTunes,, Yahoo Music
and MSN Music. It will also be available by order through most independent retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect of the Gray Beast:

Gray Beast – Shoulda Dropped Out (MP3)
Gray Beast – Coulf Half Strom (MP3)
Gray Beast – Silence (MP3)


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