Update Time

As promised earlier this week, here’s the latest update on Music From Denmark. First of all you might have seen it already on Morten‘s blog that Anamia has called it quits. The band members apparently will go their separate ways in music, so we’ll see if there are a few new acts to add to the list soon (keyboarder/remixer tWAMi‘s already on the list and has a whole bunch of good tunes up his sleeve!)

So here are the new additions:

Only one song on MySpace, but what a great one! Listen to this if you like Mew!

Apparently an older Danish band; never heard of them before, but it sounds quite good.

Marybell Katastrophy
some quite catchy tunes there!

Said The Shark
Side-project from Windermere-guitarist Kim Oxland. Together with Canadian singer/songwriter Maya Maxell, the duo creates some fine indie-folk-tunes.

The Neologists

Kasper from the band contacted me on MySpace and was friendly enough to offer me some songs to post here. The Neologists are a side-project from Progressive/Indie-Rock-band Zaibatsu (who have also been added to the MFD-list today), and play a very appealing mix of Indie-Pop with a hint of Electronica. Darkness sparkled with fairy dust, they say. Nails it pretty much, I’d say. Listen to the tracks here, and get more at MySpace.

The Neologists – Getting Up Is Tedious (MP3)
The Neologists – Across The Dam (MP3)

That’s it for this week; as always, if you have something to add to the list, let me know. And don’t forget that in just a bit more than two weeks, the Schallgrenzen-Festival with Danish acts Windermere, Volvoe, Late Night Venture and Said The Shark will take place for the first time! Don’t miss it!


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