Angels And Asthma

Good things come to those who wait: back in June, prog-rockers Anathema announced at their gig that a new song, Angels Walk Among Us, will soon be available as a free download. Well, “soon” only took about 5 months, but now, the angels have finally arrived, and the song can be downloaded. It’s a beautiful tune, reminds me of A Natural Disaster. Hopefully we will see the release of a new album in 2008! Here’s the link to the song:
Anathema – Angels Walk Among Us (MP3)

Although Scotsmen Aereogramme have been splitting up earlier this year, they haven’t forgotten their fans and have put up an older song on the net. If you’re looking for another addition to your Christmas-mixtape, here’s one that might stick out! 🙂
Aereogramme – Asthma Came Home For Christmas (MP3)

(thanks to Mr Schallgrenzen for the tipp!)


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