Flashback Friday – A Visit From Interpol

Just a little flashback today. Actually, it just goes back to yesterday evening when lnterpol played Zurich.

The concert was held at the same location as Porcupine Tree on Monday, but the organizer was a different one. And it showed: while on Monday supporting act Anathema started exactly at 8, we had to wait almost an hour yesterday before Blonde Redhead entered the stage. Maybe its just me getting old, but l kind of find it rude to let the audience wait for so long. l’ve been nagging about this before, l know, but it just keeps bothering me more and more. Am I the only one thinking that way?

Anyway, Blonde Redhead. Was ok musically, but l found the girl singers voice a bit annoying at times. 23 was ok though, but that’s about it.

At around 10 it was time for lnterpol. l’ve read before that they sometimes come across a bit lazy and arrogant, but l couldn’t spot any of that yesterday. There wasn’t much talk, true, but it wasn’t really necessary… with songs like these, you dont need many words anyway!

The band played songs from all their albums, and for me, the best ones came from Antics. Slow Hands, Not Even Jail, Evil, Narc… each one of them was just brilliant. The new songs worked well, too, with Heinrich Maneouver, Rest My Chemistry and No I In Threesome being my favourites. And of course we all enjoyed the old tracks like Say Hello To The Angels or Obstacle 1. All songs were backed by a rather simple but nonetheless perfectly staged lightshow which made the experience even more powerful.

Of course I was waiting for Take You On A Cruise, and guess what the first encore was? Right… f…ing awesome!!! The song was embraced with frenetic applause by the audience, and the following Stella Was A Diver… and PDA did the same. Then the show was over, and the band was escorted from stage by what looked to me a very happy audience.

All in all it was a very good choice of songs, and one of the most powerful concerts I’ve ever seen! So I’d say that it was really worth the wait in the end. Pics here were once again taken by mobile-phone (pocket-cameras were banned again), so please excuse the rather bad quality.

That was yesterday; sorry for this not-so-flashback Friday, but hey: this blog is still called Music Of The Moment! 🙂 Here’s at least one song that fits the flashback-theme:

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Arthur Baker Remix)


Blonde Redhead – 23
Interpol – Specialist (Early Version)
Ladytron – Blue Jeans (Interpol Remix) (via Palms Out Blog)


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