Some Bits And Bobs

Time’s once again not a good friend of mine these days, so things might get a bit slow here over the next few days. Anyway, I’ll give my best to bring you some stuff!

Here’s a quiet good new single from Bloom called The Secret’s Out. Nice approach of the band: IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY IT’S ABOUT GETTING THE MUSIC OUT THERE AND PEOPLE HEARING WHAT WE’VE GOT SAY! OK, let’s help the lads and spread this new one. Here it is:

Danish surf-beat-duo the Raveonettes are giving away free tickets for their upcoming show. This is on a first-come basis, and you can read all the details in their latest MySpace-bulletin. Although the new album is a so-so-affair, I highly recommend to go and see a gig if you have the chance; you might miss a cool evening if you don’t! Here are the tourdates:

Nov 14 2007 – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
Nov 15 2007 – Barfly, Brighton
Nov 16 2007 – Barfly, Cambridge
Nov 17 2007 – Barfly, Birmingham
Nov 19 2007- King Tuts, Glasgow
Nov 20 2007- Academy 2, Newcastle
Nov 21 2007 – Cockpit, Leeds
Nov 22 2007 – Academy 3, Manchester
Nov 23 2007 – Zodiac @ Academy, Oxford
Nov 27 2007 – Rockhall, Luxembourg
Nov 28 2007- Gebaude 9, Cologne
Nov 29 2007- Tivoli, Utrecht
Dec 1 2007 – Lido, Berlin
Dec 2 2007 – Star Club, Dresden
Dec 3 2007 – Atomic Café, Munich
Dec 5 2007 – Vega, Copenhagen
Dec 6 2007 – Vox Hall, Aarhus
Dec 7 2007 – Studenterhuset, Odense
Dec 8 2007 – Stars, Vordingborg

Raveonettes – Love In A Trashcan (MP3)
Raveonettes – Dead Sound (MP3)

Visited some “old friends” on Monday. Anathema and Porcupine Tree visited Switzerland again, and what more can I say than it was once again an almost perfect experience? Although Anathema did a short set and somehow overplayed the solo in Comfortably Numb, they once again came across very sympathetic and fresh. I’ve heard rumours that Steven Wilson will produce their next album, and it should be released in 2008, but if those rumours are true… I don’t know. It would be great, though!

And Porcupine Tree took us on a two-hour trip through their latest album Fear Of A Blank Planet and the new EP Nil Recurring, but of course also offered some of their older classics. The definitive highlight was longtrack Anesthetize… this was not about music anymore, this was a f…cking trip!!! The sound, the lights, the background movie, the atmosphere… just mind-blowing!!! A great encore-set with Trains, Even Less and Halo concluded the concert, and although I might repeat myself here: Porcupine Tree just is the best Prog-Rock-band at the moment!

btw: photography was not allowed during the concert (all cameras had to be handed in at the entrance), so no pics this time. But then, the band also banned smoking from the venue, which made it up for me!


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