Danish Update

As promised, here’s another batch of new additions to Music From Denmark:

Thomas Baz
Neo-Romantic Singer / Songwriter
Daughter Of A Dentist

Rock / Indie-Pop

Indie / Electro

Choir Of Young Believers
Indie / Folk-Pop

Factory 45
Rock / Alternative

Ghost Voo
Electronica / Indie / Experimental
Leaps From The Water

As always, find more details and songs of the artists on the MFD-blog. Still a whole bunch to add… we’ll see if there’s more today!

Btw: I’ve been interviewed about Danish music for a Belgian online music-magazine recently, and the article has now been posted. If you understand Dutch, you can read the article by clicking here. If not, here’s the full interview in English (it has been shortened for the article):

1. Do you see one general element in Danish music? … Can you e.g speak of certain scenes, e.g. a scene in Copenhagen?

It is often said that Scandinavian music has that “certain something”, and I can agree with that. It’s kind of hard to explain that something though. Like for example most Scandinavian movies, the Scandinavian sound to me also has a brittle and raw charm. Even if you take a simple pop-song, it often has some rough edges. I don’t know if that comes from the countries being under the influence of a rather dark and rough climate… in a kind of romantic way, I like to think it all comes down to this.
As I’m not living in Denmark, I don’t know about the different local music scenes. I guess that probably a lot of bands come out or at least end up in Copenhagen on their way, but that’s just an assumption.

2. Which are the major bands?

In a commercial way, there are some major Danish bands that have had some international (or at least European) success recently, like Saybia, Carpark North, The Raveonettes or Mew. For me, it was Saybia that got me hooked to the Danish music scene a few years ago. But those majors are only the tip of the iceberg. Over the past years, lots of promising new bands have popped up, and even if they don’t score big outside of Denmark, they could be regarded as major, too. A band like The Figurines for example has had some great reviews of their latest album around the world lately, but they can hardly be called major in a commercial way. But I guess that’s the same in every country.

3. In relationship to the other Scandinavian countries, is there a similarity, or do you think Denmark is on a music-level closer to countries like Germany, the Netherlands?

The similarity with Denmark to other Scandinavian countries for me is – as mentioned above – the brittleness of the sound. Compared to other European countries, Danish music is often deeper and more intense. I’m talking about the more mainstream output of these countries now; while for example releases in Germany or Switzerland are often shallow and mass-appealing, the bigger names from Denmark like Saybia may also be mass-appealing, but manage to maintain their intimate and personal feeling. That is something that in my opinion the Scandinavians do much better than the rest of Europe. So I think that Danish music has definitely Scandinavian roots, but nonetheless manage to implement other European country’s influences into their sound.

4. Which are your recommendations for our readers?

The above-mentioned Mew are a very talented band that not only admirers of Danish music should listen to; they have built up a buzz in the blogosphere last year with their latest album “And The Glass Handed Kites” (my favourite album of 2006, btw. ), and I strongly recommend this one and its predecessor, “Frengers”.
Other current favourites of mine are Bahnhof (Powerpop), Dúné (Electrock, currently doing heavy promotion in Germany), Entakt (Indie/Alternative, sung in Danish), Kashmir (Indie-Rock, another “big” Danish band), kind of girl (Indie-Pop, new band with great potential!), Moi Caprice (Dreampop), Spleen United (Electronica) and Windermere (Shoegaze). I suggest that you take a look at the Music From Denmark-blog, and you’ll notice that there’s almost anything for anyone, no matter what kind of sound they’re into. There are lots of great artists waiting to be discovered!

5. Why a blog about Danish music?

I started my main blog, Music Of The Moment, with the main intention to introduce lesser-known artists to my readers. Over the years, the list of Danish artists constantly grew, and I finally figured that it would be a good thing to have easy access to all those talented bands, and that resulted in the blog Music From Denmark. I see it as a compendium for people that are already familiar with Danish music as well as for those who are just about to discover the sounds of Denmark. It gives you a quick and simple access to artist sounds and homepages without lengthy descriptions or tons of ads and flash-movies. With the help of the readers, I will be adding more artists to the list, so any suggestions are highly apprechiated! I also have to add that without my Danish friend Morten from blog Hits In The Car, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this deep into Danish music. His blog is an essential read for anyone with the slightest interest in the music scene of Denmark!

Congratulations if you made it to here! 🙂


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