Riot? What Riot?

No more riots today… we’re taking it slow! Let’s get up north to Sweden and visit the Slowmotion Club!

Like Morten before, I have been contacted by the band and was offered some of their songs. I was – thanks to Morten – already familiar with The Gun In God’s Hand, and as I really like this one, I was of course more than eager to hear what else the band has on the plate. And I wasn’t disappointed with what I got; but first some words about the band:

The head behind Slowmotion Club is Anders Larsson, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. The official homepage further lists Hanna Hansson and Elin Werner as band members, but their MySpace – which seems a bit more updated – says that Marcus Stenfors and Paul Saarnak are in the band. What excactly is true now, I can’t say, but actually, it doesn’t really matter… it’s the music that counts!

The Slowmotion Club dishes out soothing oeuvres in the tradition of singer/songwriters like Jens Lekman, Damien Rice or Rufus Wainwright, but the songs spread a more positive vibe. Two EPs have been released so far, the latest one, Tiny Dots, just a couple of weeks ago. This one is available via the band’s MySpace (just contact Anders there). The four songs of The Waltzes EP are available on the bands’ official homepage. Below, you’ll find one of the new songs, and you can get another one, The Gun In God’s Hand, from Morten. The other two songs are from The Waltzes EP, but make sure you go and get the other two as well… this music is really worth an earful!

Slowmotion Club – Parliament Square (MP3) (from Tiny Dots EP)
Slowmotion Club – Mika Song (MP3) (from The Waltzes EP)
Slowmotion Club – Lara Croft (MP3) (from The Waltzes EP)

btw.: if you really like what you hear, you can find 12 more tracks on the official page from a band called Rudyard Rest Corner, which was/is probably another band project from Anders. Here are some tasters:

Rudyard Rest Corner – Vacuum (MP3)
Rudyard Rest Corner – When The Tunnel Comes (MP3)


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