Riot On The Radio

Yesterday, I predicted a riot, and today, you’ll get it! And imagine this: a cuddly panda bear is the source of all evil! OK, enough of the twaddle, let’s talk business!

Chicago, Illinois is the home of Rebecca, Brian and Justin, and together, they founded their band called Panda Riot, back in 2005. I could now try and describe the sound and feel of the band, but it would be a shame to use any other words than theirs: a blissful, swirl-pop, sing-along sonar aesthetic! That almost says it all, I think. If indie/shoegaze/trip-hop is your kind of thing, you can’t go wrong with Panda Riot.

Good news is that the band has just released their new album, She Dares All Things. It is available via their homepage (might be a bit slow at times), or on and iTunes. I was allowed to post one song from the album, the really great Like Flowers At Night. You can find the download link below, and make sure you visit Morten‘s post from last Friday and get the equally great title track there. I have yet to hear the full album, but I’m really looking forward to it!

Panda Riot – Like Flowers At Night (MP3)


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