I Predict A Riot

Multi-Instrumentalist and songwriter Jannis Makrigiannis is head of the Choir Of Young Believers. Actually, he is the Choir Of Young Believers. That’s the name of his solo project; he usually plays in Danish band Lake Placid. Jannis has Danish, Greek and Indonesian roots, and he also spent a bit of time in Berlin, Germany. The first EP of the Choir, Burn The Flags, has just been released, and an album is in the making for a 2008 release.

The mix of folk, pop and indie mirrors the multi-cultural background of Makrigiannis, showing a talent of writing and arranging songs with depth and catchiness at the same time. Best listen to the songs for yourselves; you shouldn’t miss Sharpen Your Knive and Riot! The EP is available on CDOn; here are some teasers, and an older song:


Choir Of Young Believers – Sharpen Your Knive (MP3) (via emodreng & indiepige)
Choir Of Young Believers – Apart (MP3)

Boxstr.com is down again, so I can’t link directly to the other songs. Sorry ’bout that, but you can download Riot, Burn The Flag and We Talk On The Phone via the band’s myspace…

I will add the Choir – and a couple of other artists – to the Music From Denmark list soon. Expect the update by the middle of this week!


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