Flashback Friday – Party International

It’s party time! Tomorrow night, I’m going to an 80s revival party with some friends, and I guess we will encounter many flashbacks to those good old disco days! To get me in the mood, I went through my 80s collections yesterday, and dug up some stuff I haven’t heard in ages. I also realized that although the majority of the songs were sung in English, there were quite a few gems in other languages. As Switzerland has three main national languages (French, Italian and German), it was clear that we got a lot of stuff from our neighbouring countries here as well.

So here are my picks of non-english 80s tracks; it would be interesting to know how many of them you know. Leave your comments!

Axel Bauer – Cargo De Nuit
a huge hit from France. Never heard anything here from Axel after that, but this one really kicks ass! Play it loud!!!

Matia Bazar – Ti Sento
this Italian outfit was very popular in Italy, and they even represented the country at 1979s Eurosong contest. This song here made it across the borders and was pretty successful in Germany. I like this one, especially the singer’s voice. Great tune!

Trio – Da Da Da (Ich Lieb’ Dich Nicht Du Liebst Mich Nicht) (Long Version)
wonder if anyone outside the German parts of Europe knows this; could well be. This low-fi New German Wave track was a big hit here, probably due to the fact that it was so completely different from all the other pop- and disco-stuff that was around at that time.

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila (Extended Version)
despite the Spanish title, this one was French. Les Rita Mitsouko brought a bit of Avantgarde into the decade; the 80s Arcade Fire, if you like. 🙂

Ofra Haza – Im Nin Alu (Razormaid Mix)
probably the biggest hit in this collection. A perfectly produced and well-executed ethno-dance-song that filled our disco-floors immediately. Ofra also was representing her homecountry Israel at the Eurosong Contest in 1983, coming in second place. The Israeli singer died in 2000 under still mysterious circumstances…

Ivan – Fotonovela
there were tons of so-called Italo-Disco tracks here in Switzerland, but most of them were sung in English. Ivan here was an exception, singing in Italian. He made no exception though when it came to follow-up hits… a classic one-hit-wonder.

Spliff – Das Blech
another German one, and in my opinion one of the best tracks of that era. Spliff added a somewhat dark and almost industrial touch to their songs, and were a welcome change to the otherwise rather shallow New German Wave scene.

So there you have it! Any songs there you know? I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of non-English tracks, so if you can think of any other hits that might have been successful in other than their home country, let me know!

And… have a great weekend!


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