Ah, The Work!

You might have already guessed it that I’m once again pretty busy at work. Not that I will take the same drastic measures like Morten announced today on his blog, but still… my bosses just don’t seem to realize how time-consuming blogging is. 🙂

Enough of the complaints, here’s a quick one for you:

The lovely guys from Danish band Us With Millions have made their two new songs Rosebud and Do You Blush? available as free downloads from their MySpace. They have been available exclusively via Morten‘s blog until now, so I would like to take the opportunity and recommend the band to you in case you’ve missed it there. And believe me: you wouldn’t want to miss two great songs like these!

For easier access, you’ll find both songs down below to download, but make sure you check Us With Millions‘ MySpace for another download, and say hi to the guys!


Us With Millions – Rosebud (MP3)
Us With Millions – Do You Blush? (MP3)

The links to the songs have been added. As boxstr.com still seems to be upgrading their system, you might have to try a few times for the downloads!


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